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 My concerns as an artist stem from a set of dualities or binary oppositions that can be located within a number of different cultural and spiritual contexts. To this end the work I have produced has sought to interrogate these established systems of thought primarily through the medium of painting. In addition, the practice is cognisant of but not beholden to the scepticism that post structuralism has brought to bear upon the work of art and specifically the question of whether the work of art can embody unified meaning.


Professional career Scholarships/Camps/ Residencies: 2018: Orissa Lalitkala Akademi Painting Camp for hockey world cup 

2017: Godrej fellowship of 50,000 rupees 

2016: Raman Rathi foundation scholarship of 10,000 rupees 

2013:  International Scholarship, University of Northampton 2,600pounds. (2.8 lakhs) 

Employment: 2019: Curator for the art show by the Goethe institute and the Monalisa kalagram, Pune. 

2019-20:  Visiting faculty for animation, advanced anatomy at Vishwakarma University, Pune. 

2019: Visiting faculty for  10 module on digital and wacom illustration skills for fashion students at Woxen School of Design, Hyderabad

2018-19:  Visiting faculty for product design, digital rendering at Vishwakarma University, Pune. 

2008- present:  Self employed at Aditya Shirke Fine Art. 

2009-present: Workshops on drawing, sketching, watercolour, acrylic and oil, with Art 2Day Gallery, Pune, India 

2014- Offered position of Fellow for Drawing& Painting at University of Northampton

2013:   Visiting lecturer, M.V.A. Fine Art, S.N.D.T.   University, Pune, India 

2007-08:  Preproduction artist with Auryn inc. U.S.A., Pune Office         

 Exhibitions  Public projects:  2019: “remember” an installation at fergusson college road for Pune smart week,  Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune.

Solo shows: 2018: Progress, conceptual show, The Monalisa kalagram, Pune.

2017: Sublimation/celebration, Art2day, Pune.

2013: Artists in transit, Ayatana gallery, Pune,( 2 man show with Mukta Avachat) 

2011: Art Delight, Art2Day, Pune,( 2man show with Mukta Avachat ) 

2010: (two man show with Mukta Avachat ) ,Mumbai.

2009:“Still Moments”, Art2Day, Pune. (Two man show with Mukta Avachat ) 

2008:  ‘One..’at Aperture India gallery ,Pune. 

Group shows:2020: Perceptions, a show at Kian gallery, Pune.

2020:  Malini, an Show on Draupadi curated by Sydney based curator Vasanth Rao.

2020: W is not equal to M the Monalisia Kalagram, Pune.

2019: We are different; we are same, show by Goethe institute and the Monalisia Kalagram, Pune.

2019: Live life love life chaity auction, Pune

2019: Venus art fest,  balgandharva,Pune.

2018: Live life love life chaity auction, Pune

2017: The mask project, Monalisa kalagram,Pune 2016: Raman Rathi Foundation, Pune 

2015: “Black and White”, Renaissance art studio, Pune 

2014: “Fallow”, Gallery 202, NN gallery, Northampton UK

2014: “Free Range”, London, UK

2013: “Black and White”, renaissance art studio, Pune 

2012: “Masterstrokes” ,Nashik. 2011: “Black and White”, Renaissance art studio, Pune   

2011: “Art with a Heart’ charity show, Pune 

2011: “Red Dot” curated by Niten Mehta (paintings priced at 1 lakh ), Delhi 

2011: “Go Green”, Delhi,  2010: “Gold” 50marathi artists, Ray art Gallery, Pune.

2009: “50k 100k”, curated by Niten Mehta Delhi 

2009: Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai   2009: Art Fusion, Nehru centre, Mumbai, (curated)                                       

2009: Featured Indian artists show, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2008: “Beyond the mundane” Nehru centre, Mumbai. 

 2008: Indiaart gallery, Pune  2008: Featured Indian artists show, Jakarta, Indonesia. 

2008: ‘Seven’ group show with Milind Mulick, Pune   Juried exhibitions:

2018: Fabriano in Aquarello, Fabriano,Italy 

2016: San Diego watercolor society, USA 2013: Art Society of India

2009: Bombay Art Society. 

2007: Art Society of India (Oil portrait)

2007: Camlin 10th Western Region (Exhibition & Chosen for Catalogue) in professional category         

2007: Art Society of India

2006: International Exhibition of Drawing & Graphics by Waves Art Gallery

2006: Art Society of India

2006: Bombay Art Society

2006: Camlin 9th Western Region (Exhibition & Chosen for Catalogue)

2004: Camlin 7th Western Region (Exhibition & Chosen for Catalogue)

2002: Chitari Academy, Pune

  Awards 2018: Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation , city merit certificate

2017: Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation , western zone gold medal for digital painting 

2016: Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Kalashram award for being an art critic 

2015: Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation All India emerging Artist K.H.Ara award for still life 

2007: 115th Bombay Art Society for best realistic drawing in professional category

2007: 20th All India Oak Smruti  exhibition for best portrait in professional category

2006: 19th All India Oak exhibition 2005: 18th All India Oak Smruti exhibition

2005: Camlin 8th Western region for best work in oil (cash award and euro tour nominee)

2005: The Art Society of India, plaza award 2005: Firodia trophy(best play ,art direction ,painting)

2002: Dombivali on location landscape competition 

  Select Demonstrations  2018: Figure painting for the Raja Ravi Verma lithograph retrospective show by P.N. Gadgil and sons. Pune.

2010: Portrait demonstration in oil at Oak smruti national exhibition, Pune. 

 2008: The Art Society of India, Mumbai portrait in oil on the occasion of it completing 90yrs.   

2007: Figure painting in oil for final year fine art students of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya,Pune.   

2006: Portrait sketch at Balgandharva art gallery,Pune.   

 Other Achievements  Art expert and critic for Prafulla foundation Mumbai.  Drawing selected in the international ‘Northlight’ publication book “Strokes of Genius 2”  Interview on DD Sahyadri (national television) yuva chetana 2011

Interview at the Kian Gallery November 2020

Curators note :We are same;we are different

Communities, societies, unions and a general coming together, act as an important apparatus to negotiate, be heard and to show solidarity and strength especially in situations which involve an authority against which the preceding actions are to be employed.  But they tend to create a monolith or at least an illusion of a monolith taking the community as the individual. In practice each individual in any community is as different as any other and may not necessarily share similar views on a given subject.  Instantly to make this point clear the LGBTQ community in it has 5 different sub-communities which may not share similar views on some or the other concern. To make this clearer the female ‘community’ (if such a community exists) has in it absolutely diverse individuals in all spheres. It is not far-fetched to believe or even assert that this holds true for any ‘communitiy’.
To assume as a curator that the individual’s concerns and interests are subsumed by the community that the individual happens to belong to, simply by nature of his orientation, gender or sexual preference is doing disservice to the individual and is further stressing on the “othering”.  Therefore while being informed and influenced by the gender, orientation and issues arising thereof the larger purview of this show is about the individual and his personal expression. In that sense then, all of us as individuals are the same in that we are all different.
Aditya Shirke